Your Energy and Wellbeing matters most 


We are dedicated to giving You practical, nature-based tools for growing Your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Energy.


MEET IN NATURE’S Mission is to energise those individuals and organisations who choose to enliven and empower others, including wellbeing advocates, coaches, trainers, business owners, community leaders and social entrepreneurs.

We believe it’s smart and selfless

When we consciously energise ourselves by re-igniting and deepening our innate connection to the natural world, we can better help ourselves, our clients, employees, loved ones, communities, planet, and all of life to thrive.


MEET IN NATURE’S vision is to help foster a heart-centred, reciprocal, restorative relationship between people and planet.


to join, come into the presence of

IN NATURE: where nature is prevalent

Let’s join in nature and come into the true presence of nature, ourselves, and each other.

Many years ago I was sitting in my first lecture on Flower Essences. Our teacher walked in with a smile and a big bunch of mixed flowers. She asked us to pick any flower that “spoke to us”. 

I doubted any flower would “speak” to me. However, there was a single stem of orange lilies that caught my attention. My turn came and to my surprise everyone had picked a different flower.

I held the lily in my hand, looked at it and observed any thoughts or feelings that came up. I noticed that my stem had many flowers on it and one vibrant orange lily was in bloom. The other buds had not yet opened.

A wave of emotion surfaced together with the realisation that I was looking at myself and our human potential to grow, blossom and thrive together with nature.

“Nature is our biggest and most unconditional energy and empowerment ally.”

Susanne Meis, Founder Meet in Nature


Susanne is a passionate advocate of nature-based Energy Management and Empowerment.


With over two decades of experience in leading public and corporate outdoor wellbeing events, she has witnessed first-hand how people from all walks of life benefit from the re-energising and transformative powers of nature.

Susanne regularly guides events at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She was featured in Kew Magazine, has appeared on Radio and TV, and written on nature-based wellbeing for publications in Germany and the UK.

Her education and professional experience span the areas of: Business, Linguistics, Energy Medicine, Energy Management, Somatics, Meditation and Nature Therapy.

Susanne enjoyed volunteering as a Royal Parks Ranger, holds a Nia blackbelt, loves writing wild poetry, and envisions a time when all of us “love nature out loud”.

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