Wherever You are we Love to Help You Grow Your Energy with Nature


“HOW TO BE IN NATURE” – Energise & Connect with Nature
(Practical Home Study Course)


  • Discover how to Never run on Empty again!

  • Find out how to effortlessly Energise your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit with Nature.

  • Learn fun, fast Nature-Based tools to get Calm, Clear and Connected with Nature without wasting your Time or Energy.

    In this eye-opening, practical, short online course you will learn the Energy Secrets of Top Performers and how Nature can help you to develop your own Energy Super-Powers and connect deeper than ever, so you can be free to be your best, do what you are meant to do and Love every day of your Life – without hassle or side-effects!

I love the course and really like your informal style. It’s great that the techniques take so little time and are really effective. The course has given me a number of new perspectives. It helps me to enjoy nature even more. I listened to the course whilst walking outside. Everything is so clearly explained that I could learn even without following the visual presentation. Phil

What lovely and easy techniques! My eyes feel rested already. So many wonderful nuggets. The Course is an amazing source of inspiration and information. Angela

Loving the course and wanted to say how fantastic I’ve found it. I’ve been gaining such benefits already from the techniques in Module One alone. Really eye-opening! I find the bite sized chunks and your clear but detailed explanations really easy to digest and understand. Especially now that I have 2 little ones, started by business again and have also recently begun my 200 hour yoga teacher training. I can’t honestly thank you enough for opening my eyes to this. Nicci




We offer Events in London, Surrey, across the UK and abroad


1. NATURE IMMERSION WALKS (minimum group size of 10)

Relax, Recharge & Reconnect with Nature (2 hrs)

Give your employees, colleagues, friends or family the gift of a new, life-changing, energising and restorative experience in nature. Walk away with new memories and ideas to recharge for life!

for Professionals, Coaches, Business Leaders

Relax, Recharge, Reconnect and Help Others with Nature (3.5 hrs)

Give your group a memorable, restorative experience. Learn Nature-Immersion Principles and Nature-Smart Techniques to incorporate in your work to help empower and energise your clients.


Enjoy Personal Energy Management Coaching in Nature to grow your Aliveness, Resilience and Performance in all areas of your life (1 hour sessions)

Benefits for You and Your Goup:

  • Energise mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Engage with Nature in new ways
  • Boost your immune system
  • Relax deeper than ever
  • Calm your Mind and Body
  • Share a unique experience
  • Connect without activity pressure
  • Make new, meaningful memories
  • Learn new tools to help yourself and others! 

“Thank you for a lovely time. I feel very revived, energised and clear minded.” Julia

“This was my first guided walk and it was really special to do something outdoors that was completely new. I left feeling rested, calm and refreshed.” Hannah

 “As a nature lover, I have found your nature walks to be soul-fulfilling. If you’re not already a person who enjoys the peace and beauty of nature, a guided walk is sure to get you in touch with that natural instinct. Afterwards I always feel refreshed.” Lorna



I am not the “Outdoor- Type” – Is it for me?

Whether we are a nature lover or prefer to spend our time indoors, many of us will be surprised by the positive effects of guided quality time in nature. In addition to energy and wellbeing benefits, you may also experience a new sense of aliveness, freedom, peace and connection with yourself and nature.

I often walk in Nature – Why do I need a guide?

A trained and experienced Immersion Guide will:

  • Always put your safety first
  • Find a great spot for you to relax
  • Give you new ideas and tools
  • Help you get the most out of your experience

Do I need to be fit?

No, you simply need to be able to walk. Meet in Nature walks are slow and gentle. They include breaks and prioritise safety and comfort. They usually cover distances of under a mile.

What if it rains?

Events take place all year round and in most weather conditions. Rain can positively enhance the experience and increase beneficial chemicals in the air. In rare cases of torrential rains or high winds your event might be cancelled.

What can I expect?

A brief introduction will put your mind at ease and give simple tips for the session ahead. You will then be guided on a slow walk and invited to optional, easy to follow, relaxing, nature-based techniques. There will also be an opportunity to sit or lie down. Each event is a unique experience and might include additional elements tailored to the group, whilst maximising the specific benefits and characteristics of the environment and the season.

How do I prepare for a walk?

Bring water and wear weather appropriate clothes including comfortable footwear that can get wet or muddy. We move slowly and our body temperature is likely to drop. As trees also create their own cooler micro-climate, extra layers are advised.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary according to event type, duration, location and group size and will be specified with your event quote.

“It was a beautiful day with you and the group. I’ve always loved being in nature. However, I often felt that there was something more I could “get out of it”, but I never knew what it was. Going on a guided experience with you gave me that “something more”. I’m really looking forward to going out for walks with a different relationship to nature with all its beauty”. Thank you, Susanne.” Cim

“Thank you for a fabulous Experience, I really enjoyed it! It was amazing to discover the stunning, magical, ancient trees, absolutely beautiful. I walk in nature almost daily, but always with my dogs. Taking time to focus on the healing of nature in a gentle supportive group was a wonderful, interesting and very relaxing experience. Thank you!” Cathy